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Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
law. a court of appeals agreed with him. >> first, you are probably thinking, why is the highest court in the land taking up a fight over frequent flyer miles? seriously. as it turns out, it is bigger than it sounds. it is states rights versus federal jurisdiction, precedents set within jurisdictions and what companies can and cannot offer as rewards. >> i do believe airlines should have the ability to punish customers who abuse them. there are clear rules whose -- that state how you should behave with the frequent flyer program. one passenger took the mile simply because he had too many. i know many people with many more millions who are just fine. the airline is not just going out and deleting accounts. i do believe that he was abusive, probably. but the airline should not be able to hide behind the deregulation act and that consumers have no say whatsoever. >> which consumer is more profitable for the airline, the one who uses the point constantly or the one with the sapphire status? >> was passengers can be tractable. -- both passengers can be profitable. they cannot just go in and
Dec 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
, he began opposing the white minority's i'll see of apartheid, laws that segregated and made colored south africans second -- second-class citizens. at first, mandela was inspired by gandhi's approach of nonviolent resistance. as white south africa became more aggressive, so did he. as the head of the armed wing of the national international he was arrested and tried in 1962. he was then 27 years in jail and was never forgotten. eventually, international and internal pressure led to announcing it would be dismantled and he would walk free. rather than seek recognition, nelson mandela reached out to his former pressures -- oppressors. he shared the nobel peace prize. >> we want them to feel safe. the will appreciate in death and what they have made. >> he voted for the first time with millions of this fellow black and. statesman, an international icon. despite struggles -- >> free of any idea. >> many will remember this. mandela celebrating south africa's place in the stage is hosting 2010 soccer world cup. >> africa loves him. >> it reads, thank you for our dignity. internationalf su
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2